Children love dancing and our dance curriculum is aimed at cherish the kid’s instinctive pleasure of movement and independence of expression. We have designed attractive dance classes where the children love to take part in dance performances enabling them to develop their dance skills for future.   


We feel pride to become the first music teacher of your toddler enable them to enjoy the magic of singing. The singing activity included in the routine activities helps the kids to develop their incomparable singing capability and movement. We understand the need of music in the childhood that gives them joy and teaches language skills. Our singing activities are encouraged from the power of music that the children learn best by observing their surrounding like watching and hearing their parents.

Book Reading

We develop the vital book reading skills in the children to make them good reader. By talking and reading a book with your kid makes the best deal to help them in developing the reading skills. Our book reading activity includes matching shapes, patterns and letters, rhyming words, recognizing the alphabet shapes and more.


The art class at Kids Dreamland is full of numerous opportunities to develop their skills in an enticing way. Painting, drawing, printing and making crafts develop their brain. The art and craft activities arouse the imagination and innovation power of your kid supports in the physical and brain development.


We believe that science has significant contribution in the psychological and physiological development of children as far as possible. It helps in the maximum development of the kids both physically and mentally. We have designed the enchanting science class rooms enabling the kids to discover the wonderful world and guide them correctly.


Every little champ loves to play frequently as much as he/she can. The movement activities are the dynamic multi sensory way include physical exercise, body movements, meditation and stretching allowing the physical development of the kids.


The musical activities develop the neural connection between the cells of child’s brain. We have sensor enriched architecture equipped with the several musical instruments that involve the children in the action songs.

Outdoor play

The outdoor play is conducted to offer numerous opportunities to develop the most aspects of learning. The kids learn to utilize the space and resources independently. Our outdoor is like a classroom in the lap of nature that introduces the kids with the garden activities like flowering, watering the plants and vegetation. It motivates them more to learn the new skills and concepts. .

Sense related activities (smell, sight, feel)

The sense education activities involve the kids in the sensory practices. We have prepared exciting lessons to discover the five senses of sight, smell, taste, feel and sound. These activities enable the children to recognize, compare and categorize the things that they find in the environment. Our sensory activity plans are made by the expert teachers who have discovered the popular ideas to enable the children experience their senses.