About us

Rise & Shine is engaged in training the kids for the best start of their growth and support to obtain their potential. Every kid has a right to get the best viable development in the early age of their growth to realize their esteemed potential. Whatever the kids learn in their early age has significant influence on the incoming life opportunities for them. The protected and pleased childhood is outstanding that provides the firm base for the kids to develop skills with their growth.

Rise & Shine has developed multi aspect programs enabling the toddlers to develop their skills and flourish in the future. Joining our kid development programs assures that your toddler not only gets the brain development but also develops the curiosity, confidence and creates the robust base for the constant learning. Rise & Shine is pioneer in proprietary kids learning scheme that sets free the uncharted part of our brain. We find the distinctness in your kid and make it his/her power.

We structure creative learning programs at Rise & Shine by following an aim to provide the secured and wealthy education. We are seriously in the job to disperse our concept throughout the country for the wellness of kids. The children at Rise & Shine are known for their knowledgeable thoughts. We are also making continuous efforts in the direction of excellence and reliability of our study programs and training the students.
Rise & Shine for the students, teachers and parents contributes significantly in its educational stream. We are aimed at providing the excellent experience in the physical, aesthetic, sentimental, religious and social growth of the kids through innovative and advanced education in the tempting and gentle way. Thus develop the abilities in the children to run smoothly in the incoming challenges of the life.

The children of 1.5 to 4 years age get admission in our school. Our special kid care programs are Day Care children, Play school, Nursery, Pre-Nursery. The children qualified from our school are accepted by the leading Indian schools. The organized atmosphere of the preschool develops an atmosphere that enables the kids to be free to learn by their own activities in the quiet and systematic environment made for the kid’s interest. It targets to cherish the independence of kids, their self respect and self discipline while making the children aware of the education.

We aim at:

  1. Add in the growing personalities conversational learning techniques in the age groups
  2. Develop the fruitful learning brand
  3. Recognize and convert the character into skills
  4. Promise the power of information

Our everyday is spent in doing worthy for the kids such that our impact on the kids and community is ever unambiguous. Our staff is engaged in the activities and events to grow up the kid’s mind. Every year we care with the novel and enlarged educational schemes that emphasize and empower the students. The students come to us are fresh minds and the students leave us are qualified and sharp minds who are ready to step in the competitive world.